Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Captains are obliged to always observe the maritime rules.
  • If the charter is canceled less than 7 days from the specified date, 100% of the amount is charged. In case of cancellation beyond 7 days, 50% of the amount will be withheld.
  • Sea Passion Yachting can change the original cruise destination at any time and tour can be done elsewhere, where weather conditions permit it, without the company having to cancel it if there is an alternative location. 
  • Please note that Sea Passion Yachting can cancel tours at any time due to weather conditions for both customer and pleasure boat safety.
  • In case of any damage to the company’s property, the client will be charged the entire replacement amount.
  • In case of consumption of alcoholic beverages beyond the permissible limit, whose customers will be drunk, the captain has every right to stop the trip.
  • During the cruise, passengers are prohibited from carrying weapons, explosives, smuggling, drugs or anything prohibited.
  • The prices may change depending on the changes the customer may make.

Fees and payments

  • Sea Passion Yachting does not accept checks.
  • To confirm the reservation, 50% of the total booking price must be paid in advance.
  • 100% of the payment must be made before the charter is made.
  • In case of bank transfer a copy of the transaction is required.
  • For a credit card transaction, a 3% bank commission will be added to the total payment amount.